Experience the best Safari Tour to Tanzania with Jackpot Safaris. Registered in Tanzania, Jackpot Safaris is a luxury bespoke tour operator, specializing tailor-made, once in a lifetime explorations of Tanzania. We are the industry leaders in offering personalized Africa Safaris that will live in your heart and mind forever! More than just our passion, Tanzania […]

Our MD Mr. Andrew Malalika Together with his Guests , Went on to a Safari in Rwanda ( Vocanoes National Park , Akagera National Park, also the Kigali Genocide Memorial ) and Serengeti National Park once they crossed the border back into Tanzania in Mid February 2022, It was a very Good and Enjoyable Safari, […]

  Why would you travel from your home country to Tanzania without a reason? There are certainly many benefits you can gain from visiting Tanzania as students; below is a list of those benefits: Learn more about cultures. One good thing about travelling is that you are always inspired by awe in a way people […]

Zanzibar is a group of islands off the East Africa coast. It is part of Tanzania. Zanzibar is commonly known all over the world and it has contributed to marketing of Tanzania as a destination for tourists. People love Zanzibar for its pristine beaches, rich culture, and other unimaginable tourist attractions. If you go to […]

I guess you could be asking yourself this question- how am I going to prepare this forth coming school tour in Tanzania? You could be having all the resources but you really don’t know where to start from-this phase shall determine whether you shall have a successful tour or not because any mistake that you […]