I guess you could be asking yourself this question- how am I going to prepare this forth coming school tour in Tanzania? You could be having all the resources but you really don’t know where to start from-this phase shall determine whether you shall have a successful tour or not because any mistake that you do shall be carried on throughout your tour.  There are different approaches that people use to solve this problem however most of them include at least one of the following items:

Know the number of students

This can be tricky given the nature of students; students always want to pay during the last minute-it is always better to enforce some rules that shall govern the payment to ensure that students pay in time. It shall be really difficult to determine the number of students who shall go for the tour especially when no one is paying for it.  Find simple strategies to ensure that they pay before time such that you have an overall number of students who are travelling with you. Students ,in most cases, don’t pay for themselves, they just inform their parents or guardians but a lot of them don’t even want to inform their guardians of what is happening at school-one of the best ways for them to pay earlier is to directly contact their guardians, it shall speed up the payment process if you do so. And actually since your intention is always to make sure that most of the students go for the tour, you shall stand a better chance of convincing their guardians to pay for them.

Buy medical and travel insurance.

Make sure that you charge a reasonable price that is going to cover the medical and travel insurance, you shall be at a better safety position if you intend to provide medical and travel insurance to students. Anything can happen along the way and you wouldn’t want to be entirely responsible for such events but rather the insurance company.

Search for air tickets deals.

One advantage of travelling in number is that you get several different offers on so many items. Since the air tickets are among the costly items on the tour, ensure that you get several deals. The best way to find a deal is to book early, make reasonable preparations to ensure that the students are ready and that everything is in place- if you do so, you shall have a great safari. If you tell the parents that you are found different cheap deals as regards to air tickets, parents shall feel happy that you care about their expenditure, and many shall be obliged to give you the money. As a school you should know that it highly important for students to see the world, there are so many advantages to that- students shall be able to gain hands-on experience in so many areas of their school life. Give the students the opportunity to learn by experience by taking them to Tanzania; book your safari with “Jackpot safaris, www.jackpotsafaris.com”