Balloon Safari

This legendary balloon safari will have you soaring over the Serengeti Plains offering you an eagle’s eye view of the beautiful plains as you head towards the sun-rise. As you hover across the skies, you can enjoy a Champagne English breakfast prepared for you by the on board chef over the balloon’s burner. It is an experience that you will cherish for years to come.

Jackpot Safaris are experts in Luxury Safari tours in Tanzania also offers memorable Cultural tours in Tanzania. We are approved by the Tanzania tourist board.

Luxury Safari tours in Tanzania

Culture & Historical Tours

There are many cultural and historic attractions in Tanzania that will impress even the most critical of people.

There is a cultural walk in Mto Wa Mbu (Mosquito Village) that is located near Lake Manyara that will take an adventurer to the waterfall on the Great Rift Valley Wall or the Mt. Meru Village which is very near Arusha Town.
Your cultural tour can also take you on a visit to the Maasai Manyatta where one can meet the proud herdsmen/warriors showing their traditional way of life which is something any tourist does not want to miss out on.

The “Cradle of Mankind”, known as the Oldupai Gorge has been the source of many fossil materials that date back at least 2 million years. This is the location in which the Mary and Louis Leakey discovered the remains of the Nutcracker Man in 1959. In 1979, Mary Leakey also discovered the footprints of hominids and these are estimated to be approximately 3 million years old. Upon leaving the museum, you African safari will lead you to see the mysterious shifting of sands.


Meeting the Bushmen

Your East African safari gives you the opportunity to meet the Hadzabe and Datoga, The last remaining hunter/gatherer tribes of East Africa.

This hunter/gatherer Hadzabe tribe of Lake Eyasi and the Datoga people of Mang’ola have lived their simple traditional lives that have been unchanged over the last few centuries. Some dusty driving on the west of Karatu and Ngorongoro crater will get you to the Nothern Shore of Lake Eyasi. Your drive will continue to the Yaida Valley which is a site rarely visited by tourists. It is in this location that you will come across the Hadza bushmen who have made Lake Eyasi and its surroundings their home.

There is no lodge in this area and also very few animals to see but there is an abundance of bird life that will make your safari in Tanzania all the more exciting. After lunch with our qualified tour guide, you will search for the Hadzabe camp which keeps moving due to these people’s nomadic nature. These are the last of the hunter/gatherer types that still live the same way their ancestors lived. Their population continues to dwindle and a visit to this tribe will make your safari for Africa one to remember.

They speak a click language similar to that of the Kalahari Bushmen and they offer he tourists a chance to visit their simple bush homes where a tree canopy or cave offers them shelter. These tribes depend on the land for their survival and watching them survive in the wild gives one a different perspective of the African wild.

Camp will be made at the Lake Eyasi campsite where you will complete your African safari by laying under the canvas listening to the now all too familiar sounds of the African wild. The following afternoon, you trip comes to an end as you travel to Arusha.