We write about things to inform our prospective clients. The circumstances we write about actually do exist. There are many times when someone feels the need to change their accommodation once they reach in Tanzania. A tourist could have already started his tour and he decides that he want to change the accommodation. When you go for a tour, you meet other tourists too. Some of the driving forces about changing the accommodation are related to the conversation people hear from other tourists. It is easy to be convinced by fellow tourists you meet along your tour. When time comes for having a simple  conversation, tourists always talk about their experiences so far and how they are enjoying the tour; as part of their conversation, they could touch on the accommodation where someone narrates all the good things they are experiencing in one accommodation. The other could be narrating the entire ordeal he has come across at the accommodation, and at the end of the conversation, there is a change of mind. Someone simply wants to change the accommodation instantly. Such tourists will initiate calls to the tour operator arguing them to change their accommodation. Before you even think of changing you accommodation during your safari, here are some of the things you should be aware of.

You shall pay for your accommodation.

In case you reach a decision of changing the accommodation, just know that it is not the responsibility of the tour operator any more to pay for your accommodation. You are expected to pay for your new accommodation. Before the tour starts, there is a lot of conversation about how the journey shall be-the accommodation, the transportation, the expectation. Make sure that once you check out on the chosen selection for your accommodation. Check the image, see what is included, the life at the accommodation to see if it shall fit your personality. If you think something is missing, contact the tour operator and ask about it or you could directly contact the accommodation, I’m sure you shall come up with clear answers. It is funny that a lot of reasons for people changing their accommodation is not really related at the core services of the hotel/lodge rather minor issues about the night life around the lodge/hotel and easily neglected elements.

Check the availability of the room.

You could be disappointed again. If you really want to change your accommodation, always start by inquiring to see if there are available rooms. Most lodges and hotels around national parks are always booked and it sometimes becomes hard for you to just book that day’s room service. If you are lucky enough, you shall find some empty rooms however there are always high chances of the accommodation being fully booked.

Consider proximity to the national park.

Make you the location of the accommodation is not very far from the national park. In fact, it should be almost in the same distance range the other accommodation you are planning to transfer from. This shall surely make your journey so much interesting rather than having to drive miles to get to the park. It is highly possible to change the hotel/lodge accommodation but you should have sound reasons to do that and you should be willing to take up the challenge.

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