There are so many reasons why people visit Tanzania, much as many come for adventure. There are those who come for business however coming for business does not stop you from going for an adventurous trip if you have some time on your trip. All you do is to go finish up with your business arrangements and then you start to look for a tour operator to take you to next destination depending on the itinerary you have chosen. This is highly possible. As a business personal, you would like to achieve success and nothing else. The reason as to why you actually come to a business trip is to make the business a success. Part of the success is achieved by knowing what to pack because once you forget something; time may not be in your best interest to look for it. I would rather say that it is better to understand and know what to pack before you go for business trip in Tanzania. Here are some of the items to consider.

Pack your business clothes.

Business is done differently in different countries but one thing that I know is that you are supposed to be presentable. The business community in Tanzania respects someone who has dressed the formal way. Don’t dress casually and you think people will take you serious. If you are going to meet some business partners, dress to kill. Show that you are really here for business and not for adventure. You should think of packing the best clothes for your business trip. If you don’t have formal clothes, I would suggest that you buy yourself some. They may cost some money but the may be the difference between success and failure on your business trip. Dressing code matters so much. Don’t carry this mentality that as long as I have the knowledge or I’m an expert at making successful deals; I don’t need to look presentable. I will just show my presence and everyone shall listen to me. First impressions matters so much. If you want to be listen to for quite a long time, you must present yourself as a business person. Don’t forget to buy those nice presentable shoes as well because it shall look weird for you to put on suit with white converses.

Pack your phone and laptop.

A phone and laptop are equally important to carry when you are on the business trip. Remember that today, business has completely shifted. It is done according to numbers. If you are going for a business trip, at one point in time you shall be required to present and the official way of doing that is by using presentation programs like powerpoint . You must make sure that you have prepared the presentation for your business partners to give them a better understanding of what you are planning to do with them. If you are selling a product to you, a presentation shall enable to show them how useful having your product shall increase their business output and help them make profits.  You need a phone to regularly stay in contact with your company that is if you are working for a certain company. And if you are trying to set up a company in Tanzania, having a phone shall enable you make several calls to the agencies concerned to see the way forward. In addition, you shall need a phone just to stay in touch with your friends and family.

Pack your chargers.

Don’t forget laptop and phone chargers at home pack them as well. Much as you could find the same chargers here in Tanzania, it shall really make sense if you pack them and have them with you.

Pack your bank cards and carry some little cash with you.

Money brings the mentality of safety and confidence. You shall feel confident if you have credit cards with you. And depending on the nature of business that you have come for, you might find yourself paying for something as a way of facilitating the business. You shall need cash in some way. So the best way to go about that is to carry credit cards such that in case the need for money arises, you just visit an ATM machine and withdraw money. Make sure the bank cards that you are carrying an international recognized-at least carry a visa and MasterCard.

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