There are items that are excluded from the total price that you pay for a tour. When you pay, depending on the understanding between you and the tour operator, there are items that shall be excluded and it shall be your responsibility to pay for them. Why would anyone really go ahead and pay for such items?

Tourists pay to satisfy their desires.

Tourists pay for those excluded items in order to satisfy their desires. Human desires vary from person-to-person and in most cases, the desires cause us to spend a lot of money.  Items like drinks bought by tourists apart from that which is served on the food, and other items which are personal in nature all follow into that category of human desires. I have seen people who get addicted to something that their lives cannot do without it. Such people are bound to pay whatever amount in order to be happy.

Change of mind.

Not all cases of excluded items are a result of items that are listed as excluded, some items like accommodation could actually be part of those items that the tour operator is supposed to pay however some tourists can change their mind in the midst of the tour. Tour operators normally book something that you are agreed upon and once you change your mind in the midst of the tour, you always have to pay for such an item.  For example, tour operators could pay for an accommodation and as a result of several factors, you may decide to change to another accommodation; once you do, the tour operator shall not be reliable for your mistakes. And it shall be upon you to pay for such changes.

Buying souvenirs

Some souvenirs are normally excluded items on the safari. There is no tour operator that shall buy those souvenirs for you. Actually some tour operators do offer certificates of appreciations for having visited with them. However, there are specific souvenirs that you may want to buy. Souvenirs like the art and craft pieces, post cards, and others are supposed to be paid by the tourists. For this reason, the tourist is willing to spend more money to buy such items.

Appreciating people that contributed to the success of your safari

It is always in human’s nature to appreciate people for the good service that they provide us. When you go to a safari and you feel that someone has done something wonderful to you, it is always good if you go ahead and appreciate them in terms of money. This is what most people call tipping. Tour guides are one of the most tipped people on a safari.

Giving back to the local community

For those that are passionate about development, you could take it to another step by giving back to local community.  Your little contribution could be the change that the community needs and whenever you find a giving opportunity and you have something to give, just go ahead and give.


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